Age 18 & Over

Register Here to Reserve Your Spot for York Hospital’s COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Waiting List

York Hospital is pleased to announce that effective immediately, all Maine residents age 18 and over are eligible to register for our vaccine appointment waiting list. Maine residents who have already registered for our vaccine waiting list will not lose their space on the waiting list. All appointments are scheduled in the order that reservations are made.

PLEASE NOTE: Because our clinic provides MODERNA Vaccine, per the guidance of the FDA, only Maine residents Age 18 or older are eligible to receive it.

You must be a Maine resident to receive a vaccine at the York Hospital clinic, unless you fall under one of the following two excepted categories. If you are a seasonal worker residing in Maine for work, or if you reside in Maine for higher educational purposes, you may receive the vaccine provided you bring proof of your employment or proof of your admission and attendance at an educational institution.

Please fill out the information below, and your name will be added to our waiting list for future Covid-19 vaccine clinics. A York Hospital caregiver will call you to set up your appointment for a specific date and time. If you prefer to speak with someone via telephone for assistance please call us at 207-752-8685, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday.

We are pleased to offer this improved, simple and equitable process to obtain your vaccine — and keep our community safe.

  • (You must be age 18 or older when you sign up)
  • (Cell phone preferred, but not required)
  • (If you have one. It will be used for communication following the booking of your appointment.)
  • Reminder: A York Hospital caregiver will call you to set up your appointment for a specific date and time.

    Please note that demand currently exceeds our supply and it may be several weeks before you will be contacted for your appointment.

For our deaf or hard of hearing community members, our TTY contact number is (207) 363-7433.